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Matt Crosslin

Artificial Intelligence Meets Instant Messaging in Google Allo

2 min read

One thing you have to give Google - they are always willing to try new things. Of course, I can't remember what the last new Google "thing" was that I read a few months ago, so that could be good or bad. But today Google announced Google Allo, a new messaging app. Its basically another version of testing or iMessage or (insert an messaging predecessor here). So nothing to get excited about there. However, they are combining it with a new Google Assistant to add some artificial intelligence to the mix. Basically, you don't have to leave the app to look up directions (or whatever the task may be) - you can tell the AI to look it up and it will display in the app. It will also give you some suggested responses based on the messages you get. Basically it lets the AI do the Googling for you (the video above covers the more cutesy aspects, but the linked article includes more interesting ideas and details on things like Incognito mode). Interesting ideas, but do I have to get all my friends on Allo to use it? That seems to be the downfall of so many new Google ideas. Its hard to get people in new apps that don't go viral like Pokemon Go.