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Matt Crosslin

Improving 3D Printing with Sculptable Filament

2 min read

I have kind of lost count of how many 3-D printing revolutions there currently are out there. About 30 or so I would say. But if you ignore the over used hype of "revolution," there are often some interesting ideas out there. One of the problems with 3-D printing is that even higher cost devices struggle to replicate fine details. One company that is seeking to fix that is Adam Beane Industries. The video above has been out for a while, but there is currently a Kickstarter to take their Cx5 tool-set to the next level. The basic idea is that you print out a basic 3-D base (like the dinosaur head above), smooth out the imperfections and lines from printing, then add fine detail with a specialized set of sculpting tools and drops of melted filament. Obviously, this tool would appeal more to those that have the artistic chops to do something with it. I'd like to see this combined with the ability to change colors, and maybe even an airbrush. My guess is that someday 3-D printing will evolve enough that we will be able to print objects with this level of detail from the start. Or maybe these tools will be integrated into 3-D printers on robot arms. Who knows. But an interesting development, and also good to see that an idea from last year is still moving forward.