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Matt Crosslin

Is Virtual Reality Going Mainstream?

2 min read

One of the biggest questions about any emerging technology is "will it make it?" In other words, will it become popular enough to became an actual, sustainable "thing"? This question has profound effects (not always in good ways) on whether or not new technologies have a future in learning innovation. The more popular an idea becomes, then more companies will starting make products, and increased competition drives down prices while increasing options. And hopefully, a low-cost easy to use option will arise.

Virtual Reality seems to be (slowly) crossing that barrier into mainstream adoption. Depending on how one maps the growth of VR, its been on a traditional trajectory, or a highly unusual one. But the signs that it is reaching more adoption are things like the Virtual Reality fueled promos (like the one above for the most-awesome Stranger Things series on Netflix) as well as new Virtual Reality films in production. From Lucasfilm making a Darth Vader virtual reality movie to a panoramic alien invasion movie starring Wesley Snipes that might have VR-like sections, it seems that at least Hollywood is taking notice. And it probably won't be too long before we unfortunately see "How VR will disrupt Education!" sessions at Ed-Tech conferences. But it seems that VR is actually going somewhere.