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Matt Crosslin

So Where Are Microbots Anyway? Why Aren't They Fixing All of Our Medical Issues?

1 min read

Fans of Science Fiction are probably familiar with microbots (aka nanobots) - small robots that are usually injected into the body to fix any number of plot holes.... errr... medical conditions of the future. But why aren't we using these bots in real life? This article looks at some of the current advances in dealing with the problems that are holding microbots back from widespread usage. The short version is that these tiny machines are hard to control once released. As the video above points out, nanobots were first successfully used in animals just last year (wonder why they had to point out "successful"?). Most people think of microbots in terms of medical advances (such as unclogging arteries or making chemotherapy more targeted and safe), there are also many ways that technology could be implanted inside of our bodies to bring about some form of Trans-humanism.