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Matt Crosslin

Will the Future of Augmented Reality be AR Contact Lens Connected to Your iPhone?

1 min read

The headline pretty much says it all: "Apple to meet with augmented reality contact lens firm EPGL, discuss possible iOS support." Articles like this are a sign that innovations are going mainstream. Or at least attempting - many still don't make it there. The biggest problem with augmented reality is that you have to hold a phone in front of you to experience it, turning your body into a wandering, distracted safety hazard (see Pokemon Go). or you have to buy an expensive pair of AR glasses like Google Glass (or not anymore - oppps). But would AR contact lens be more or less distracting? Probably depends on the design of the user interface. Or maybe they are just a temporary step towards having computers implanted in our heads? See the first few minutes of the H+ video above for what that would be like, and then the rest of the video see how scary it could become.