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Welcome to Innovate LINK, a resource for sharing research into innovation at the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge (LINK) Research Lab at the University of Texas at Arlington. This site will contain updates about innovative technology, ideas, theory, research, design, and events that fall under the larger banner of "innovation in educational technology" The format of this section is a mixture of blog, newsletter, and Twitter feed - you can comment on and share posts here like a blog, it is updated with current events like a newsletter, but it is also shorter and more nimble than a blog or newsletter - more like Twitter. The goal is to keep a record of things that LINK Lab researchers are reading about in the category of "innovation." However, these will be kept brief and to the point rather than formallly written up like a newsletter would, inspired by OLDdaily by Stephen Downes.

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Updates will be random - daily, multiple daily, once every few days... basically whenever someone finds something worth reporting on (or something to recommend you stay away from). There are several ways to keep up with updates:

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